An introduction to LaTeX

cSplash 2009

Download This (same as attached in email)

Here is a zipped folder of all the material I went over during the lecture:

Installing LaTeX

Remember LaTeX is free. You shouldn't have to pay for any software to typeset in LaTeX. If you can't figure out installing the software or you have any questions, trying searching forums or contact me at: alecjacobson AT nyu DOT edu.

On Windows

I found this youtube video useful.

Download MiKTeX, neccessary to have before using any editor. Converts tex code into .dvi and .pdf/.ps

Download TeXnicCenter, the tex editor (application to write the code, has panel shortcuts)

On Mac OS X

If you want to do try this out on the command line, you can find a program called under Applications -> Utilities (this is what I used in class)

Download MacTeX, this is a package of lots of programs that includes TeXshop, the editor I used in class, and everything else you need to install to get started.

Usefull Links

In-browser TeX equation renderer