AJX Mass Mailer

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AJX Mass Mailer is in many ways the most universal batch/mass/merge/ email utility. Written in universal Java, AJX Mass Mailer provides anyone with an SMTP enabled email account the ability to send multiple emails with dynamic field replacement. Imagine you have a table of data: one column for each recipient's first name, last last name, email address, etc. With AJX Mass Mailer you could draft a single email which for every individual email sent data is pulled from each respective field. Each email is sent to the recipients email address directly because each email is its own separate entity, not batched into the BCC field.

Advantages over other batch/mass/merge mailing software:

The biggest advantage AJX Mass MAiler has over other software which do the same task is its universalness. AJX Mass Mailer will run on any machine with Java Installed, and with any email account with SMTP enabled.
AJX Mass Mailer does no run on top of a preexisting, OS-dependent email client like many other mailers. All you need for AJX Mass Mailer is an email account.

Download AJX Mass Mailer