Real time test


I've added a lag feature to my bezier curve applet that allows you to simulate computational lag. The idea being that you hear a new graphics algorithm is "real-time" or "interactive" because it runs in only "59ms" per frame, but our internal clocks aren't accurate enough to really know what that feels like. Here you can specify the simulated "solve" time and drag around the bezier curve as if hard-core math is going on between frames.

Type a lag time in decimal form followed by ms for milliseconds or s for seconds.

Bezier curve applet instructions:

Use the Pen tool and click to add control points.
Use the Illustrator tool (experimental) and click and drag to add control points like in Adobe Illustrator.
Drag the control point handles to manipulate the curve (holding [shift] to snap to grid).
Hold [shift] and click handles to remove control points.
Hold [control] and click on a curve to subdivide at that point
Drag on the slider to change the sample rate of rendering: the maximum depth of the De Casteljau algorithm for subdivision.

View Source including De Casteljau's algorithm and Graham Scan algorithm for convex hull
Zipped folder containing all source code including all sorts of GUI objects

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