CSC2521: Seminar in Geometry and Animation

Instructed by Alec Jacobson
Class meets Tuesdays at 3pm–5pm in BA B024

This course will take a deep look at a broad collection of seminal papers in computer graphics, focusing on topics in geometry processing and computer animation. The course is structured around weekly paper readings. All students will read the same paper each week, but each student will have a unique, rotating role. This role defines the lens through which they read the paper and determines what they prepare for the group in-class discussion. Students will obtain a thorough understanding of the chosen papers and will develop their paper reading, literature review and prototyping skills. Prior exposure to computer graphics or geometry processing is suggested but not required. Students should have taken courses in Linear Algebra and Computer Programming.


This seminar is organized around the different “roles” students play each week: SIGGRAPH Reviewer, Archaeologist, PhD Student, Industry R&D Expert, Hacker, and Private Investigator.

Email any presentation material/reviews/code/etc. to TBD Tuesday by noon before class.


TBD (one paper per week)

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